The repertoire for the pre-pandemic season (2019/2020) contained a variety of orchestral works. Our symphonies for the season were the iconic Fifth by Beethoven and, for the strings, Britten’s (far from!) Simple Symphony. The repertoire then took us on a journey from the Offenbach overture for Orpheus in the Underworld, a Borodin tone poem that takes us to the Steppes of Central Asia, and a number of works by English composers.

The autumn’s work culminated in a December performance of Beethoven’s Fifth for our friends. Those who came to listen enjoyed an unusual opportunity to observe an orchestra and its players at close quarters.

The spring rehearsal programme returned to the shorter pieces of the repertoire.

A selection from those pieces would have been performed at the orchestra’s concert on Monday 30 March 2020 in  Woodbridge Methodist Church. The concert was cancelled due to lockdown.